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The 2k(max) computer...suggestions wanted!

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so far here's what ive got planned out:

- 1 amd w/ 2k bus and 2 ghz, 939 socket, probably not the FX though(two espenisve heh)...
- umm an atx board(don't know much about these, suggestions???)...
- a 256M pci video card with sli, possibly two, haven't decided(let me know if you think i should go with 1 or 2)...
- as for the hard drive i was thinking of getting a 15k rpm w/ 36 gigs for the operating system and then a sata hard drive with 7.2k rpm and 250 gigs(any thoughts on this then be sure to let me know)...
- as far as ram goes i'm thinking either 2 512's or 2 1024's (still not sure though)...but i'm getting at least a gig though...or that's the plan anyways...
- umm don't really know anything much about the sound cards, cept that i'm going to need one probably and their not too espensive...
- i was thinking of getting my stuff from either newegg or tigerdirect, but probably newegg, because i can do more detailed searches there
- as far as cooing goes i'm thinking maybe just doing fans and heatsink, but i really don't know what the heck i'm talking about when it comes to cooling, lest we're talking about house cooling heh, but even then i'm kind of outdated---*hint* *hint*...any advice would be appreciated
- ohh and if you've never built a computer, or don't know what the heck you're talking about either, then don't waste my time heh...
- no clue as to a case yet...i'm thinking if i get one with a window then i'll probably get some neon lights and some water cooling, and maybe put some food coloring in the water to make it look cooler...
- also not too knowledgable about overclocking, but some buddies of mine are, so maybe if i go with the water cooling then i might do that, or quite possibly with the heat sink and the fans...

BUT umm yeah...i'm thinking 2k max is all i want to spend on the computer though...maybe when i get out of school and pay off my loans i can build a decent computer for about 5k or something heh...or a super awesome one for that...but yeah, if you have built computers before and you know exactly what you are talking about then be sure to help me out with any info that you can...and i guess thanx in advance...

P.S.---you can e-mail me at "[email protected]," without the quotes of coures, if you have any suggestions, or if you would just like to look up the best stuff you can find at the cheapest prices and send me the links then that would be greatly appreciated...laterz
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OCZ Powerstream 520 watt PSU - $139.+-
DFI NF4 Lanparty SLI - $190.+-
2x1gb PC3200 OCZ Platinum Ram / 1gb would get you by for now - $200.+-
Opteron 165 CPU (dual core) / 3700 SanDiego (single core) : CPU's too many choices - $300. / $230.+-
Thermaltake Big Typhoon heatsink/fan or Zalman 9500 - $45. / $60. +-
74g Western Digital Raptor (10,000 rpm) -OS - $145.+-
320g WD Caviar SE 7200rpm, 16mb buffer HDD - Storage - $150.+-
DVD-R Optical - Plextor - $70.+-
CD-RW Optical - any - $35.+-
EVGA 7800GT (good start, save for the second. I can't see paying hudreds more for a small gains) - $295.+-
X-Fi Sound Card - $129.+-
Case-Coolermaster Centurian 532 (great airflow through front of grill). - $79.+-
2x 120mm Case fans (intake and exhaust) - $30.+-
leaves a couple hundred left+-
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so which website did you get you're info from???
IF you want the freeky fast SATA drive look at these WD 150G 18 meg cache King Raptors @ about $300 each

Review here!

BTW.. not wise to give up the email addy in the forum incase any spamers float thriugh.
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