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The best components for water cooling. Answers please!

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OK after many long nights of searching & reading it's finally time to make up my mind. I'm obviously gonna water cool the cpu but not sure if I'm gonna do the gpu. I see Athlon 64 in my future so the DD TDX is choice #1 for the cpu block.

The big question... Copper or Silver??? Ups/downs? Price... is silver worth it?

GPU block? DD 6800 solution (assuming I get a 6800) or Maze 4? Again, price... is it worth it?

Chipset block? Or is air cooling sufficient?

Next, the pump! I'm looking for something quiet that won't keep me awake at night. I though I read that mags were loud. What about this new DDC-12v from DD? I also thought I read that the Hydors, like this L35, were pretty quiet, is that true? Should the pump be powered by the PSU or plugged into the wall?

GPH, Is more really better? How much do I need?

3/8" flows faster than 1/2" cuz it's got a smaller diameter right so is that necessarily better or worse?

Dual Heater core. So should I have (4) 120mm fans pushing & pulling? Or (2) 120mm fans... pushing or pulling?

Coolant or water? I'm gonna try some Evans NPG+ Coolant first and see how it is. It really worked wonders on my car so I'll see what it does to the computer.

If I left anything out please let me know cuz I am new to water cooling. Thanks.
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Yep, DD TDX copper. Silver isn't really worth it IMO. Waaaay too expensive. as for the GPU block, either one is good, depending on what you get. Maze 4 won't fit on a 6800. If you go for a a64 then you don't need any more chipset cooling. as for the pump, go for a Danner Mag Drive 3 or 5 from www.petsmart.com. As of right now I can't tell you how loud they are so I'll leave that to someone else. I'd use 1-2" ID tubing but it depends on your pump. You want 4 fans, 2 pushing and 2 pulling. Make sure you have a shroud for them on that heatercore. Mmm, use distilled water for sure, you can put additive like waterwetter in it, but don't use car coolant as it is slightly corrosive and could damage your system especially your pump.
^^ What he said. The Maze 4 does fit the 6800 series, now. They made a new model with mounting for the Nvidias. I would go with that. Many people are having problems with the 6800 blocks, many of them don't seat too well on the gpu, and temps arent that great. The L35 is a nice, quiet pump. The Mag 3 is better flow-wise, but is a bit louder. The 12V pumps are very quiet, but much more expensive, and the TDX really likes a high flow rate to work well. I wouldnt go with the 12V pump, IMO.
OK so let's assume I get a a water setup w/ dual heater core and a full tower. I would want to run 4 fans on the heater core and 2 more 120mm fans inside the case (1 in front, 1 in back). Deltas kick ass no doubt so let's say i run 4 of these 190cfm fans on the heater core but also use my fan controller to quiet them down for evening times. then just get 2 more quieter 120mm fans for the case... am i gonna need a monster of a psu to power all this? cuz on sidewinder they say those deltas need a "3 amp start up requirement" can somebody explain that to me? Thanks.
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