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The best laptop for under $600

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Well, I'm helping someone pick out a laptop and I need some help on what one to get. Does anyone have an recommendations for a good laptop for under $600? reps+ thx!
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My fiance got here laptop from the hp website for like 500 bucks.
Ill get the specs

Came with HD 3200 graphics
amd processor
120 gig hd
dvd drive
built in wifi
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well it really depends on what you want it to do, good all around specs you

can get are 4 gb memory, 250+ hdd, intel gma 4500 gfx,



I personally got a hp laptop with pretty much the same specs for about 700
after tax, on the day after thanksgiving of this year. I like it because it
has an hdmi out port, which can do audio, so it is easy to hook up to
tvs, but I didn't see an hp laptop for under 600 with those specs.

Personally I am all about specs over brand, but many times the ergonomics of a laptop are the most important.
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Yeah, this person who is going to use this laptop doesn't game or anything. It will probably be used just to check email for 10 years of its life. haha
Stay away from Toshiba and HP and you'll be fine, in my opinion. If it's only checking mail, you ca find something on Dell. You can get it even cheaper than $600.


I'll find you a nice Dell.

I take that back all expensive on the Dell site.
Maybe BB or something has. I shall check that.

All these look fine and ACER is not bad. I just disliek the logo.
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