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The bio-physics behind pc/tv images

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Im having a discussion about tv and pc images on another forum. Can some people just unload all the information they have on it on this thread? Specifically, how many hertz/frames are needed on modern tvs and computres (crt and lcd) to form images in your own eyes and imagine and at what speeds do your eyes not recognize a different in FPS?
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The human eye can only see individual frames at frame rates below something like 27fps, the average television broadcast is 32.3fps.
lol i need far more in-depth information then that unfortunately. Me and some people were talken about how many FPS it takes before the eye is convinced its a real time image and other things.... and do CRT's send iimages out in 2 layers? I thought half the image appears every cycle of the electron gun so that 30fps required 60hz...
Beats me, I don't build TVs.
I thought moderators were like, super humans that did everything
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One problem is that it seems like you are looking for a specific FPS or refresh rate that is "the" minimum for perception of fluid motion an the simple truth is that there isn't one. Every person has a different abiltiy to perceive motion and therefore will have a different threshold for seeing something as fluid versus stepped. Case in point, before refresh rates on CRT's could be adjusted (increased above the fixed 60 Hz that AC power is supplied at) some people would experience headaches because they were sensitive enough to perceive at some level the fluctuation of the screen. What was the bigger element of this phenomenon was the conflict between dis-synchronus "stobes" of the CRT and the flourescent lights. Is there a general number??? I don't know. But as I said, there certainly can't be one where you can guarantee a fluid experience for everyone.

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I thought moderators were like, super humans that did everything

They "do" everything...just not necessarily "know" everything. As they say, you learn by doing, not do by learning!

Yiff (and the rest of the support/management team), just keep doing what your doing!
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yah one guy in the other forum said he got headaches at 80hz but not at 100hz... but i do think there are general numbers that most people can distinguish things at...
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