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I thought I'd start a group on OCN for fans of anything half-life. I will maintain a list of all members, and the the half life games they own
This thread can be used to discuss the game, or any upcoming news on Episode 3, but also to arrange matches for HLDM2 or other Valve MP games.

When you are signing up, please state what games in the HL series only, you own...

To have the entire HL series, you must own HL1, HL2 and both the episodes. I'm not counting Op4, BS or Portal because they are not in the main story arc.

Owner and head of the club.


SerenityKill3r (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: Ser3nity


Dillard13 (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: doggy
RickJS (Entire HL Series)
Namrac (Entire HL Series)


RoddimusPrime (Orange Box)
RonindeBeatrice (Orange Box) Steam ID: RayIam
mytronphe (Entire HL Series)
CorporalAris (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: CorporalAris
GI_Manny (Entire HL Series)
Pow3rtr1p (HL2) Steam ID: pow3rtr1p
Unstableiser (Entire HL Series)
Gri3f3r (Entire HL Series)
Vostro (Orange Box)
criminal (Entire HL Series)
DmdlC (Entire HL Series)
TehPLayerer (Entire HL Series)
Esseff (Entire HL Series)
dualhYbrid (Entire HL Series)
Hellisforheroes (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: cotterik
Cerberus (HL2, HL2 EP1, HL2 EP2)
legoman786 (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: legoman786
serialtoon (Entire HL Series)
gr1mo (Entire HL Series)
Punkbandit35 (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: justinaramian
Black_Magix (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: LordTalon
spudgunnerwryyyy (Entire HL Series)
Xinoxide (Entire HL Series)
Snownation (Entire HL Series)
By-Tor (Entire HL Series)
Cyberdruid (HL2)
darkninja420 (HL2, HL2 EP1) Steam ID: stealthchris
ModderMan (HL2, HL2 EP1, HL2 EP2) Steam ID: [OCN] ModderMan
shajbot (Entire HL Series)
PeePs (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: ppfeif
nategr8ns (Entire HL Series)
IcedEarth (Entire HL Series)
Suit (Orange Box)
xlastshotx (Entire HL Series)
Flatliner (HL1, HL2, HL2 EP1)
Regulus (HL1, HL2, HL2 EP1, HL2 EP2) Steam ID: regulus7
noldevin (Entire HL Series)
lecastor (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: LeCastor1990
shizdan (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: Blue Turtle
lattyware (Entire HL Series)
BinaryBird (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: thefornax
GreddyGo (Orange Box)
h4rdcor3 (Entire HL Series)
h33b (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: halocaptain
GaarBear (Entire HL Series)
tat2monsta (Entire HL Series)
gtarmanrob (Entire HL Series)
Unl33t (Entire HL Series)
Vargess (Orange Box)
Isellion (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: isellion
BugBash (Entire HL Series)
Arbiter419 (Entire HL Series)
biatchi (Entire HL Series)
Akhen (Entire HL Series)
FearSC549 (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: michael1383
AntiTalent (Entire HL Series)
thecheeseofmanynames (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: bunkerbuster42
Dronac (HL1, HL2, HL2: EP1)
Humanfactor (HL1, HL2)
Sanders54 (Entire HL Series)
Pibbz (Entire HL Series)
Mmansueto (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: nwomack
archangelabove (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: ImpulseS1
ryboto (HL1, HL2, HL2: EP1) Steam ID: ryboto123
Andr3az (HL1, HL2)
jinja_ninja (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: ginger_bread
Wattes (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: Wattes
binormalkiller (Entire HL Series)
thejamesman (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: deathscyth76
DFS (HL2, HL2: EP1)
Spart (Entire HL Series)
Mootsfox (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: Mootsfox
someone153 (Entire HL Series)
voice (Entire HL Series)
Bitemarks and bloodstains (Entire HL Series)
se7en56 (HL1, HL2)
LegendaryC (HL2, HL2: EP2)
Turnoz (Orange Box)
jhotmann21 (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: jhotmann21
feltadox1337 (Entire HL Series)
Puscifer (Orange Box)
mytronphe (Orange Box)
coltsrock (Orange Box)
igob8a (Entire HL Series)
XFreeRollerX (Entire HL Series)
Mataeus (Entire HL Series)
Swiftes (HL1, HL2, HL2: EP1)
exitmusic (Entire HL Series)
reLm (Entire HL Series)
firemaker (Entire HL Series)
magus.tsf (Entire HL Series)
gamerfelipe (Orange Box)
killerhz (Entire HL Series)
[email protected] (Entire HL Series)
MCBrown.CA (Entire HL Series) Steam ID: fsflipurheadoff
TheReaperWaits (HL1-Opposing Forces-HL2, EP1, EP2)

A steam group has been set up @


Please join, and feel free to chat and arrange games

add this to your sig to help support the Black Mesa Survivors!!

Add the following, but remove all * from the code before saving:


is this forum dead? what happened? i though we are the survivours!

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i will take over the thread if you want? how do i do it?

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i now have full control of the thread.

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wow, this thread is still going? cool. sorry about being a little power mad at the begining, i got exited lol.

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Sign me up. Got the HL games when they came out. Brilliant stuff.
Holy crap i am the OP? Forgot about that!
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