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Hi Folks,

With Captain America Civil war coming up in just a few weeks, I thought: Why not update my RIG and put it in a Power Mac G3 Case I had around for quite a while now.

Actually I had this idea for the first time a few month ago, when I got this painted by a friend of mine for my birthday:

As I did not know how it whould turn out to be, I did not take pictures from the beginning of the mod, so I apologize for that.

What are the components to be used?

I'm an engineering student from TUM, currently writing on my bachelors thesis, so gaming was not really a desired goal, but a nice to have side effect to this all.
Mainly i work with autodesk inventor, Matlab and such stuff. So a beefy CPU to overclock was the way to go.

Processor: 6700K Skylake I7
Mainboard: Maximus VIII Gene
GPU: Gainward GTX590
Ram: 16 Gb DDR 4 3200 GSkill Trident Z
Drives: M2 Samsung 256 GB
Samsung 850 EVO 240 GB
some 3,5 inch drives for mass storage
PSU: Enermax Modu 87+ 700W

and most important, an optical drive!

Why this stone aged GPU, you might ask. Well good question. Mainly beacause I recycled this and the PSU from my current RIG, which I built back in my gamer days

So what's the plan?

-Watercooling - two 240 rads, Waterblocks for CPU an GPU.

-Cablemanagement with custom sleeving

-Paint the whole case Red/Gold

That's pretty much it!

So how far have I come yet?

Well not that far, just some cutting in the case and rough painting as you can see here:

Updates will come every few days I hope

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do

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The task for today was to adapt the waterblock for the cpu to fit my motherboard.
As I get some parts in china, they often do not fit quite well.

my waterblock came with a combined plate for Intel and AMD support which looked like this:

This one was ugly, and did not fit, so it had to go...

get something to measure all the dimensions from the plate
push all data into CAD

same for a backplate

cut it out

sorry, did forget to make a pic here

apply thermal paste

mount it together

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