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Cooler Master Storm Enforcer

Continuing on with its tradition of revolutionary design and cutting edge technology, CM Storm upstages the competition with its new Enforcer chassis. The new chassis contains a wealth of features coveted by most gaming enthusiasts, including USB 3.0, SSD drive support and a removable/rotatable HDD cage to support easy installation of the highest end video cards.

CM Storm has come up with a design that not only meets the expectations of its customer base, enthusiasts and esports prodigies, but does so within a price range that all will appreciate.


Front I / O Panel with USB 3.0 (internal)
Tool - free for 5.25" device
Dust Filters on bottom and front intakes
Cable management for better cable routing
Reinforced front door protects your vital devices
Supports rear internal 120mm water cooling radiator
Removable & Rotatable HDD cage for convenient installation
Support high-end graphics cards including AMD Radeon HD 6990 and NVIDIA GTX 590
Storm Guard - security system for safeguarding your gaming peripherals


The Cooler Master Storm Enforcer represents an excellent value in the case market. It's inexpensive but definitely not cheap; you can build a very nice system in this case without feeling that you've compromised anything.

I'd recommend this case for almost anyone.
-Benchmark Reviews

Review done by Bob808 : http://www.overclock.net/computer-cases/1106733-cm-storm-enforcer-review.html










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Official Site : Storm Enforcer

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Nice!!! Too bad I can't join.

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Oh snap, didn't realize they re-designed the rear fan mount so it's not near the top, and it has enough room for an H50 along with a 200mm top fan.

Loved the HAF912, and wish it had that feature... glad to see the Storm Enforcer does, and is now on my list of possible cases in the near future.

Have they said anything about releasing a side panel for a fan? Or will the HAF912 Advanced side panel fit on it? I don't see why it wouldn't.

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Originally Posted by Kvjavs;13828731
Have they said anything about releasing a side panel for a fan? Or will the HAF912 Advanced side panel fit on it? I don't see why it wouldn't.
As far as I know another version of the Enforcer was released with a solid side panel and a fan so I think you should be able to find the side panel of that version of the case online

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Just recieved my Enforcer
Here are my first thoughts of it :

1. The 200mm Sickleflow fan is silent and has great airflow
2. The rear fan also has good airflow but makes slightly more noise
3. The screwless design of the HDD's and DVD is great
4. Overall it has greatly reduced the temperatures from my old Galaxy III case
5. In my opinion it looks great

1. [For me] When I tried to connect the PSU, the CPU Cable did not reach to my Motherboard. However this happened as my PSU is designed to be top mounted. So untill my GX 750 psu arrives I have to leave it unmounted (which will increase temperatures)
2. So far nothing else

About temperatures, on my previous case, while playing games the CPU used to rise to 70 degrees while with the Enforcer it remains between 55 and 60

If you have any questions about the case just ask me
(I'll post some pics once my PSU arrives)

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Originally Posted by ZRock;13893791
Has anyone owned one of these as well as a cm 690? What are your thoughts between the two if you have?
I only own the Enforcer but from what I know about the CM690, it supports up to 10 fans so if you purchase all those you'll have a lot of cooling. With the default cooling, on the ENforcer you have one 200mm fan on the front and another 120mm on the back (with support for 200mm on top) while the CM690 II Advanced has a 140mm on front, 120 on the rear and another 140mm on top so basically the CM690 with standard fans should provide slightly better cooling. If you are going to add more fans, the CM690 is the way to go. Personally I went with the Enforcer because I like it better and adding a 200mm on the top will give very good cooling

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Originally Posted by ZRock;13893791
Has anyone owned one of these as well as a cm 690? What are your thoughts between the two if you have?
I own a 690 II Advanced and the Enforcer and while both are nice cases there are 2 things to consider when purchasing either one.

The 690 II Advanced will easily allow 2-240 rads to be installed internally where the Enforcer doesn't allow any. If you plan on using a 240 rad you can only mount it on the outside of the Enforcer.

The Enforcer includes 2 top mounted USB 3.0 ports that you can connect to your motherboard via header connection and the 690 II Advanced doesn't. If you plan to buy the Enforcer case, make sure your motherboard has internal USB 3.0 header connectivity to take advantage of this.

As far as looks go, the Enforcer looks more aggressive and gives more of a gamer feeling than the 690. I really like the way the Enforcer looks. The insides are almost identical other than fan connections and the 690's ability to house 2-240 rads internally and the SSD Dock on the Enforcer. The Enforcer includes a side window and the 690 II doesn't but you can purchase a window for the 690 II Advanced from the CM website.

Hope this helps.

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I like that they re-designed the rear exhaust fan, thats the main reason I'm looking into this case BUT .... I really dont like the fron cover at all, I prefer the look of my 912-A, any 912 user that bought the Enforcer and can verify of the front covers can be swapped? I know that the top area needs to be swapped aswell, Interested in this because I have a 3 5.25 cage with a 120mm fan that intakes air into the case, and that front cover wont let any air to be sucked in at all from what I can see.

Also what makes me interested in the case, is the ability to have a Corsair H100 inside + push fans and the rear exhaust fan? I hope thats possible.

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I have this case, I'd have to say it's a great case. The door does feel flimsy and cheap but everything else is great. Though I must say leaving near a rubbish dump doesn't help with keeping dust out of the case.

Also when using headphones or the front usb ports it's really annoying to get a cd in/out of the drive since everything just hangs in front of the door. But I'll work on that eventually.
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