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The depths of space - build log

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Hello All.

Once again I am at it getting ready to build another machine.

This theme will be based upon once simple fact: Dead Space I am in absolute in love with this franchise and this is my way to pay homage to it.

It will feature a few items that I can not disclose of at this time, but I think you will enjoy it once I can say.


Gigabyte Sniper M5
Intel 4670K
NZXT Hale 90 v2 1200w PSU - Sleeved with Lutro0 Customs Green Teleios Sleeve
NZXT Source 530 - http://www.nzxt.com/product/detail/137-source-530-full-tower-computer-case.html
Adata XPG V2 8GB
AData SP900 256GB SSD

Water cooling Gear

2 - 360 Rads
Koolance 655 Pump with koolance pump base
Bitspower 250mm Res
NZXT FZ series Fans
Custom Rad Grills
MAYHEMS ..... the best period.

Other Items

Side window
rad grills
Other items... to wait for.


1. First Set of Pics
2. Sneak peak
3. Big update
4. Small Update}
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Originally Posted by modnoob View Post

What kind of sleeving
That is Green Teleios from Lutro0 Customs. It was made to match the green from gigabyte. His teleios line is by far the best sleeve I have used before.

Thanks everyone for the subs... More to come soon.
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