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This are difference between 3x GTX285 --- 2x GTX295

3DMark Vantage, Performance:

28014 --- 32581

3dmark Vantage, Extreme:

16287 --- 15139

Crysis Warhead, 1920x1200, fps AVG (8XAA)

--- 56 fps 83 fps

Crysis Warhead, 2560x1500, AVG fps

--- 25 fps 1 fps (!)

Far Cry 2, 1920x1200, AVG fps

--- 110 fps 168 fps

Far Cry 2, 2560x1600, AVG fps

--- 75 fps 90fps

Stalker Clear Sky, 1920x1200, fps AVG

--- 70 fps 73 fps

Stalker Clear Sky, 2560x1600, AVG fps

--- 50 fps 55 fps

High AA / AF test, Far Cry 2, 1920x1200, 8xAA, AVG fps

--- 109 fps 120 fps


2x GTX295 is preferable over 3x GTX285!

Advantages of 3x GTX285

1.) slightly smoother gameplay
2) Superior frame rate's at higher resolution's
3) More Ram


1.) currently pay a little more
2) For air cooling, 6 chassis slots needed (Quad: 4)
2.) 3 PCI Express slots are needed (Quad: 2), therefore Mobo selection smaller, almost always no extra physics card longer possible

Future speculation:

Unlicensed benefits by TRI-SLI, because drivers could possibly begin the 3th Better use of GPU

What is faster in the end, will depend on:

1) the drivers

2) the Overclocking potential:

The base of 285 cycles are 12%, 18% and> 20% higher than the base of 295 cycles!

At the core may also include a tool 295 with over 700, which means The 285 would have 850 to keep the distance between them.

It may therefore well be that the RELATIVE overclocking the GTX285 could be better than then or RELATIVE overclocking the GTX295, which means that the above scores could be even more closer and / or a slight plus for tri-SLi could arise.

Much will be the two solutions do not, this much is clear.

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??? What for?

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Originally Posted by kevingreenbmx;12007494
well now it is out of date and kinda pointless...
There is some significance.

On eBay, you can get a GTX 295 for almost the same price as a GTX 285. So, based on his benchmarks, two of those would be preferable to the three of the 285.

Also, his benchmarks are surprising. I always thought two GTX295's were not supposed to scale well.
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