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the eMachines® EL1200 desktop series ques?

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I have this computer that has an amd athlon 2650e processor and i am asking you guys please to help me upgrade it in any way so that it can play gta san andreas and other games of its class. This is the link to the specifications below

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how much is your budget?
No. Upgrading will do little to play anything.
The integrated 6150SE is totally outdated and crap. The highest processor you can get would seem to be a 5050e 5050e, however it would not make much of a difference.
Get a new mobo, re-use the CPU, and RAM (and overclock). Then get a 9600GT, that is MORE than enough for GTA SA. (Hell, my 7900GS plays it maxed out)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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