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The gts 250 oveclocking thread

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i know there are some people out there who saw past the fact it is a rebrand with some minor tweaks and noticed it was a great bargain to be had so this thread is for help on overclocking you gts250 and to post your clocks, i found fo me after much faffing that a core clock of 815 memory of 1150 and shader of 2021 was the best combination and it runs really cool at just 40C (although eazytune just reset it to stock so i might be slightly out)
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Little word of advice

Post some oc proof before this turns into a frag fest.

If I decide to open my GTS 250 tomorrow, I'll post some numbers.
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How much did that set you back? I havn't seen many on sale in the UK yet, you're in the UK right? "faffing" gave it away before I looked were you are from
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i had a clock that got me to 13250 3dmarks last night but i forgot the wright down the numbers i felt like chucking it when eazytune said it set it back to default but that isnt the right combo i think it should be a lower memory clock http://www.ebuyer.com/product/160669 thats the one i have £111 bargain. once u get yours youll see how nice and cold they run ill post proof when i get it right again
Got my xfx gts250 running from 738 to 765..heh..if I try to much like ..800 core clock..it just blue screens after awhile..o'well still performs for what i need...I left memory clock 1100 and just left shader linked with core clock on rivertuner during overclocking.
http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/7759/97799934.png still working on it, can get higher but im just checking for artifacts right now
It's a good card at the price point. I have one now but I probably wont for long- I'm going to do the eVGA step up to a GTX 260 probably.
i will be geting in a week but so far to me it seems like a good card
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