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There seems to be a lot of requests for HDTVs lately, and having gone through it myself lately, something like this might have helped me.

Answer these questions before requesting any suggestions:

1. What is your price range?

2. What size of TV do you want?

3. What TV technology do you want? (LED, CCFL, PLASMA, PROJECTOR, CRT)

4. Do you want a smart TV, if so LAN or Wi-Fi?

5. Do you want want an IPS panel?

6. What refresh rate do you want?

7. What video inputs do you need and how many?

8. What audio inputs do you need and how many?

9. What audio outputs do you need and how many?

10. Glossy or matte screen?

11. Do you want to wall mount your TV?

12. Do you care about the size of the bezel?

13. For LED TVs, do you care about local dimming?

14. What color of TV?

15. Do you want a 3D capable TV?

16. Do you care how good the speakers are on your TV?

17. Does your TVs remote need any special features?

18. Do you need USB input?

19. Do you currently have a TV in mind?

20. Anything else we should know about your needs/wants?
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