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The Intel Q9450 Club

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OCN!This is just another club but this time it is for the Q9450 owners. The goal is to help people searching for other Q9450 owners to find them right here, with no hassle. This club can be used to share information about our overclocks and to help answer any question related to the Q9450. I hope we can help one another out a lot and learn a lot in this new little Q9450 community!

I have recently joined the United States Marine Corps, so I haven't been able to make updates and updating will become difficult for me, but keep the thread going, continue to help one another! Semper Fi!

If you have or know of any Q9450 information threads and you would like to have it posted here, please PM me the link and i will post it up.

How to join:
Just Post and PM the following items
2)CPU-Z validation (or linked screen shot).
3)CPU Clock Speed.
4)CPU Voltages.
5)Stable or not?
5)And Batch number if possible.



   [CENTER][url="http://www.overclock.net/intel-cpus/376253-intel-q9450-club.html"]Intel Q9450 Club[/url]  [/CENTER]

Don't forget to join the
Q9450 Social Group

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rpm666 - [email protected]

The Nemesis [email protected] Batch#L810B906

Hecken - 4.021GHz @1.3875V Batch#L819A780

Ransom [email protected] Batch#L818B112

Sam1an - [email protected] [Stable]

Blacklotusul - [email protected] Batch#L814B464

TrueNoob - [email protected] 1.472V load 1.424V Batch#L812B035 [Stable]

CptBlackBalls - [email protected] [Stable]

K91ne - [email protected] Bacth#L815A245 [Stable]

Skjold - [email protected]

Lipservice - 3.602GHz @1.232V

=Digger= [email protected]

supernoob - [email protected]

Dragoon - [email protected]

redalert - 3.6GHz @1.28V Batch#L813B168 [Stable]

Dantesinferno - [email protected] 1.2load [Stable]

Afroman [email protected]

Kelethar - [email protected]

Wu-TanG21 - [email protected]?V

tomaskir - [email protected] [Stable]

The Vector Kid - [email protected] Batch#L812A528 [Stable]

chessmyantidrug - [email protected] idle, 1.24V load Batch#L816A760 [Stable]

Tweex 3.411 [email protected] [Stable]

KmK - [email protected] Batch#L816A718

13.stuff - [email protected]

Mike-O - [email protected] Batch#L818A733

OC'ing Noob - [email protected]

XxSilent22xX 3.2Ghz @ 1.304 Batch#L812A635

weebeast [email protected] [Stable]

Millillion - [email protected]

Craziv1etboi - [email protected] Batch#L817A351

Alex0826 - [email protected]

Korea - [email protected] Batch#L813B285 [Stable]

Norman Bum - [email protected] [Stable]

Stephan - [email protected] [Stable]

To get [Stable] I would like to see 12 hours blend 6 hours small fft and 6 hours large fft. But, I will take your word for it. If though you are not stable, and you say you are, you must realize that your system may be at risk and that you may not get the help you need unless you tell us.

Names will be updated on a monthly basis.
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Originally Posted by The Vector Kid View Post
I had to take a nap

lol i think i need one of those soon. im solid stable at 3.3 12 hours prime blend, 12 hours prime smal fft 1 hour occt


Originally Posted by woop View Post
Great idea, I want in and will post my numbers as soon as I have some - just got up and running yesterday.
alright sir, cant wait to add you in

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Originally Posted by The Vector Kid View Post
You've been stability testing for 25 hours? Good lord, all I've been doing is patrolling the forum and answering silly questions about EIST

lol. yah, and i spend every moment near this rig, i don't feel safe not being near it. i did leave for an hour twice though O.O. lol i want to push it back to 3.4 and get it stable. it boots in, and runs all day, but is not stable in the stress tests. 3 minutes in OCCT 8 hours in prime blend mode

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Originally Posted by Millillion View Post
Nice, I got it a few weeks ago and I plan on getting it higher within the next few weeks but I'm sticking to 3.0 GHZ for now.

1. Millillion
2. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=407271
3. 3.0 GHZ
4. 1.2V
nice, i think im going to drop to 4gb and see how far i get. Not think, i will. cause i have a epic load on the MCH. and thanks for joining!
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