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The last juice of power of a MSI GT710

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Hello everybody !
Today I recovered a MSI GT710 in perfect condition for free.
I want to have fun with an i want to overclock it to the extreme.
Screenshot of the GPU-Z for specs :
Font Rectangle Screenshot Parallel Number

I have already increase the GPU clock and mem clock to +300MHz and this is stable but I want more !
Temperature is good, 52°c max
Surprisingly afterburner does not allow me access to the voltage control, is this normal for a 710 ?
The goal is to make an OpenCL score of 3000 on Geekbench 5
Stock : 1973
+300 : 2588
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I wasn't able to do more with stable performance in games and benchmark today
The maximum i can do to make a benchmark on Geekbench 5 is +370 on core and +330 on mem and it give me the score of 2741 but this oc give me artefacts in games and furmark.
Temps are still very good and it can perform better with a fan on it.
I didn't found anything to the voltage controle on the little 710, someone have an answer ?
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