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P4 3GHz 800FSB
X800XTPE Videocard
3Mbps Internet Connection

I have fiddled around with the graphics options for a long time:

Running 800x600, Lowest detail = 15-25FPS
Running 1280x1024, Highest detail 4xAA 16xAF = 10-20FPS

Obviously my videocard is not the bottleneck since there is a HUGE difference in Image Quality but there is very little difference in Performance

The game uses only 10% of my Internet Connection and I have a latency of 80ms on average on the server but my CPU load is 100%, is my CPU causing the low framerate?

I have CAT 5.12 installed, I ran 3DMark05 to see if something wasnt running right and i scored 5648 (so thats correct) I checked to see if the sound options were causing lag (I have a SB Audigy3 ZS Platinum so it shudnt) and it didnt impact performance at all.

What framerates are people getting in The Matrix Online while running 1280x1024, 4xAA, 16xAF, Highest detail???
My guess is my CPU is the bottleneck still so are there any MxO players with AMD64 CPUs?

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I'm playing it too, but I have not had FRAPS running to get my fps. Will do tonight.

Anyway, this game doesn't need the highest rates. After all, it is a lot of running around with a few seconds of fighting. But from your profile I do not see why you are getting low rates.

I hang out in Vector-Hostile server, always missioning... always.

So I changed my settings to be like yours and I was clocking average of 90 in 800x600 and 43 in 1280x1028. Perhaps you should reduce the AA and AF a bit. Also run in performance instead of quaility setting.
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