I have been doing a minecraft server on my old and and only computer, while playing minecraft. Sorta makes it go crazy, so I put the game to minumim settings.

Intel I-5 650 (Dual Physical Core, Quad Logical Core, 3.2GHz- 3.456GHz)
12GB DDR3 1600 RAM (LAPTOP MEMORY, all in one with a desktop professor and laptop ram, Yes I know what your thinking)
HDD 1 TB 5,600 RPM
Intel HD Graphics (Screwed up, only uses 64 MB out of 1.7GB, have any solutions? Please PM me, I tried updating the BIOS)

I am planning on getting a new laptop (thank god) and I want to give this computer to my parents, while I use a rather old workstation of mine.

Intel Pentium D 9xx (At my grandmothers because she used it for a while because her PC broke)
2GB (512MBx4 DDR2 667)

I basically thing this could do a good job hosting a server with around a limit of 15 people with out erupting in flames. As it DOES have 4M Cache (impressive in my opinion considering how old it is)

But I NEED second opinions!!!! Will this be appropriate? Will it work long enough for when I YouTube on my newer laptop? Please comment or PM me so I could figure this out. Thank you!