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Welcome to the Official Yate Loon Fan Club!
pun intended;

UPDATE: We're "official" now, it was approved by Mootsfox.

Yate Loons seem to be pretty popular around here so this is a place to show that you're a fan of Yate Loon. So, if you own any Yate Loon fans you're allowed to join, I'll take your word for it, but pictures of your setup would also be nice!

Criteria to join - Must own a Yate Loon fan. That's it!

How to join - Just post a message saying you own some Yates, and let me know where you got them Petra's, Jab-Tech, SVC, etc.; what size, 120, 140, ect.; and which kind low, medium, high, LED, etc. I'll be updating the roster 2 or 3 times a week depending on the amount of requests.

You guys can also join the social group.

ehume has an excellent review of 65 fans, including Yate Loons in 112 setups on a Megahalems CPU Heatsink. It has a wealth of information showing how the various fans compare with others. It has a lot of images in it, some of them quite large so if you are on a slow connection it's going to be slow going, but well worth the time. The Yate's ranked right behind the top ranked San Ace.

Tator_Tot has a Round Up of Yate Loon Fans from just about every source available in the USA. This is a MUST read for anyone wanting to know what places carry the better quality Yate's and which ones have the lower quality. I refuse to call the lower quality ones "Fake Yate's" like some do, but there is a difference. Again, like ehumes review it is graphic heavy so those with slower connections will find it difficult, but it is worth it and interesting to see the differences. The conclusion is basically "Buy from Petra's Tech Shop, Sidewinders, or Danger Den." to get the best quality Yate's
Update August 14, 2011: Looks like Jab-Tech is now getting their Yates directly from Yate Loon like Petra's Tech Shop, Sidewinders, or Danger Den. Tator Tot has requested some for testing and I'm sure that he will post his findings here (or a link to the thread he tests them in) when has done so.

Martinm210 has an interesting and very informative thread on fans. Round 6 Fan Testing covers a lot of information on fans with noise and air flow at various voltages being the main criteria. This is based on using them on Radiators, but the information would translate to air coolers as well, especially those with tightly packed fins. One of the nice things is it isn't loaded with large images so even those on slow connections can easily view the bulk of the information although the videos might take some time to load. Well worth your time and effort to check it out as the Medium Speed Yates are the baseline for the testing. Thanks to Tator Tot for bringing it to my attention.

tonschk has posted a couple of pics showing where the capacitors are that deal with the buzzing noise some of the lower quality Yate's suffer from. Well worth a look see.

Update 28 April, 2011
Where to buy Yate's, what models are available, and what do the model numbers mean.
Here are some of the places to order Yate's from in the USA. They are arranged in descending order of the results of Tator Tot's Round Up of Yate Loon Fans . You might want to read at least the first few posts in that roundup prior to purchasing your Yates. Please take note that not all of these places carry every size and type of Yate fans so you might need to try more than one to find the exact size and cfm rating you want. Most should have the majority of the more popluar 120mm and 140mm fans, but finding the 92mm and smaller sizes can take a bit of work. Also, for the most part they only carry the sleeve bearing fans. It's difficult to find the ball bearing versions of Yates. You can tell the Sleeve from the Ball Bearing in the part number by the first letter after the number. The model numbering system goes as follows based on this example model number format D12SM-12K.
  • DC (D) or AC (A)
  • Diameter (25=25mm, 30=30mm, 40=40mm, 45=45mm, 50=50mm, 60=60mm, 70=70mm, 80=80mm, 90=92mm, 12=120mm, 14=140mm, 17=170, and 22=220mm)
  • Bearing Type (S=Sleeve, B=Ball Bearing)
  • Rotation Speed (L=Low, M=Medium, H=High)
  • Volts (12=12v, 24=24v, 48=48v)
  • Thickness (no letter=25mm, A=10mm, B=15mm, C=20mm, D=38mm, F=7mm, H=30mm, K=32mm, L=50mm)
  • D12SM-12 would be DC, 120mm, Sleeve Bearing, Medium Speed, 12volt.
  • D14BL-12 would be DC 140mm, Ball Bearing, Low Speed, 12v.
  • D90BH-24 would be DC, 92mm, Ball Bearing, High Speed, 24v.
  • D90SH-12D would be DC, 92mm, Sleeve Bearing, High Speed, 12v, 38mm thick (the D at the end)
  • D80SL-12A would be DC, 80mm, Sleeve Bearing, Low Speed, 12v, 10mm thick (the A at the end)
  • D70SH-12B would be 70mm, Sleeve Bearing, High Speed, 12v, 15mm thick (the B at the end)
  • D60BM-12C would be 60mm, Ball Bearing, Medium Speed, 12v, 20mm thick
You can use this information to identify just about any Yate Loon fan from it's model number. There is a detailed list of the various sizes and speeds of Yate Loon fans at this page on their website.
If you have links to places outside of the USA aside from Aquatuning please post a link in the thread so we can add it to the list.

ehume has an excellent guide for lubing your fans to keep them running at optimum effeciency. It's well worth the few minutes it takes to do this before installing new fans and to do so periodically. Prepping a sleeve bearing fan for work

Here is a guide for painting your fan blades. [GUIDE] Paint Your Fans UV Caution, do NOT use the Black, Red, and White 3in1 Multi-Purpose oil shown to lube your fans. The only 3in1 oil that should be used on fans is the Blue and White labeled 3in1 Motor Oil. The Multi-Purpose oil will actually do more harm than good and will cause your sleeve bearings to wear out faster.

Here's something for your signature:]

_.=The Yate Loon Fan Club=._


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Yate Loon Fan Owners[/B]:

77Pat 3 140 Medium Speed from Petra's Tech Shop
88EVGAFTW - 3x Low Speed and 3x Medium Speed 120
aaronmonto - 10x Low Speed Black from Xoxide
a1ek5ant3ri - 2x Low Speed 120
AMOCO - D12SH-12 High Speed from Danger Den
Andru - 4x Medium Speed D12SM-12 from Petra's
angelreaper - 1x D12SH-12 High Speed from Jab-Tech
AsAnAtheist - 5x D12SH-12 High Speed from Petra's
Bal3Wolf - 5x D12SH-12 High Speed from Jab-Tech
Bal3Wolf 11 High Speed 120mm from Jab-Tech
bbaseballboy1234 - 4x Low Speed from Petra's
beanbagofdoom - 1x 1000RPM Nexus Yate Loon
bdc87 - 3x 120mm D12SL-12 from Jab-Tech.
Belial - 6x 120mm Medium Speed from Petra's
bigfatwilly - 3x Low Speed from Gammonds
Bleached - 6x Medium Speed D12SM-12 from Petra's, 1x 140mm Low D14SL-12 from Xoxide
Bluedood - 1x unknown from an old desktop
Bolt_Thrower - 2x D12SH-12 High Speed from PerformancePC
Brutuz - 3x D12SL-12 Low Speed and 2x D80SL-80
bucdan - 2x Blue Low Speed
CaBo0sE - 4x Low Speed D12SL-12 from Petra's
candy_van - 3x D12SL-12C Low Speed from FrozenCPU
CaptainChaos 3 High Speed 120s on EK Rad
CaptainChaos 2 HS From Jab-Tech
chinesethunda 2x 120mm from Petra's
Citra 1 140mm D14BH-12 in a Corsair TX850 PSU
compudaze - 3x D12BL-12's from Ebay
coollettuce - 4x High Speed D12SH-12 from Petra's
CorporalAris - 6x High Speed D12SH-12 from Petra's
cr1 - 2x 120 High Speed
cr1 3 high-speed Yate Loons, exhaust and push-pull-FrozenCPU
cr1 4 high-speed non-led Yate-Loons' from Petra's to replace some led Yate-Loon's I got somewhere else
criminal - 2x D12SH-12 High Speed from Xoxide
cs_maan - 5x 120 High Speed from Xoxide
CudaBoy71 - 4x Medium Speed and 1x High Speed
DannyM - 6x High Speed D12SH-12 from Jab-Tech
Dantesinferno - 4x 120mm Low Speed from Petra's
dargo - 4x MediumSpeed from Petra's
DennisC - 1x D12SH-12 High Speed
Diesel Phreak - 2x Blue High Speed D12SH-124UB from Jab-Tech
[email protected] - 8x High Speed D12SH-12 from Jab-Tech
doat - 4x High Speed D12SH-12 from Jab-Tech, 1x 120mm blue
ducrider - 1x 80mm used from Local PC Repair Guy
Dilyn - 3x High Speed from Jab-Tech
driftingforlife - 6x 120mm D12SH-12 - 2200 RPM in push/pull
Dylinlip - 1x High Speed and 2x Medium Speed 120's
e6800xe - 4x 140 Medium from Petra's and 1x 120 Medium from Jab-Tech
e_dogg - 4x Blue LED High Speed from Jab-Tech
ehume - 2x D12SH-12 High Speed 1 from Modder's Mart and 1 from Jab-Tech, 1x D12SL-12 from Petra's, 1x D14SM-12 from Jab-Tech, 1x D14SH-12 from PerformancePC. The first D12SH-12 showed up in this fan roundup, and both showed up in this one.
eureka - 4x D12SM-12 Medium Speeds on 240 Rad
exzited - 3x Low Speed D12SH-12 from Water Cooling UK
FannBlade 19 high speed from PCS
fenwaypark04 - 4x Medium Speed from Petra's
Flirto_stud - 2x Blue High Speed D12SH-124UB from Direct Canada
Fooliobass - 2x D12SH-12 from Petra
Fons - 9x High Speed
[email protected]'D - 2x D12SL-12, 2x D12SL-12+4LED Red Low Speed
Freakly420 - 3x D12SH-12 High Speed from Xoxdie
G|F.E.A.D|Killa - 3x High Speed D12SH-12
G|F.E.A.D|Killa - 4x High Speed Closed Corner from Jab-Tech
goldboy - 8x D12SL and some 140mm from Crazy PC
Grady[SA] - 7x High Speed D12SH-12 from Petra's.
harishgayatri - 1 x D12SM-12 from second hand dealer
hawaiian_geek - 2x 140mm Medium D14SM-12, 8x Medium Speed D12SM-12 from Petra's
Helmsgard - 2x Low Speed from Petra's
hitman1985 - 5x Medium Speed from Petra's
iandroo888 - Numerous Low, Med, and High Speed from Jab-Tech
ImAmazing - 2x High Speed D12SH-12 from Jab-Tech
iCrap - 1 92mm D90SL-12 from an old PC
IntelLover - 7x High Speed from Jab-Tech and 4x Low Speed from Petra's
IntelLover - 1x High Speed and 3 Medium Speed
iradiation - 4x D12SL-124B - UV Blue from Jab-Tech
Jakethesnake011 - 5x 140mm Medium D14SM-12 from Heatsink Factory
j.woody - 2x D12SM C from Kustom PC
j0n3z3y - 2x DS12SH-12 High Speed from SVC
jam3s 6 D12SH-12 High Speed Yates from dazmode.com
joemonkey - 3x D12-SH12 From good ol' watercooling UK
Jonesey 17 6x D12SM-12 yates on rx360
Josh81 - 4x from Petra's
Kahbrohn - 6x Yate Loon D12SH-12
Kamikaze127 - 2x 140mm Medium D14SM-12 from Performance-PCs
killuah - 3x D14SL 140 Low Speed
kona051 6 High Speed 120s
kow_ciller - 2x 120 Low Speed
krnx714 - 4x D12SH-12 from Petra's
lagamm - 17x D12SL-124UB 120mm Low Speed UV Blue
LemonSlice - 2x D12SH 120mm High Speed from Jab-Tech
ltulod - 6x Low Speed D12SL-12 from Jab-Tech
marl - 4x High Speed D12SH-12 from Petra's
maximus7651000 - 4x High Speed D12SH-12 from Petra's
MeeksMan13 - 7x D12SH-12
milkcow500 - 14x 120 High Speed
mitchrapp - 3x D12SH-124UB High Speed UV Blue from SVC
mothow - 2x 77cfm
Mr_Nibbles - 3x High Speed D12SH-12 from Petra's
Murderous Moppet - 5x 140mm D14SM-12 Medium Speed 140mm from NCIX
N3Xus - 2x D12SH-12's from Danger Den on Venomous X
Ned99 - 3x 140 and 2x 120 from Petra's
nmanley - two D12SL-12's cooling H70 radiator
nepas - 2x High Speed D12SH-12 from Water Cooling UK
Nexus6 - 1x D12SM-124UB 120 UV Blue Medium Speed from FrozenCPU
NguyenAdam 4 Medium Speed 120's from Petra
nododgy - 6x Blue Medium Speed, 1x Blue High Speed from Jab-Tech
noobeater4728 - 3x 120mm Blue Led Low Yates from Petra's
Novicane - 4x D12SH-12 High Speed and 1x D14SM-12 Medium Speed from PerformancePC
nowcontrol - 3x D12SL-124UB
nowcontrol - 2x D12SL-12C 20mm Slim
ofiveo - 2x D12SL Low Speed
0newingedangel - 2x High Speed from Danger Den
onlycodered - 5x Blue Medium Speed D12SM-124B from Jab-Tech
OTHG_ChefTreb - 4x Blue Low Speed D12SL-12 from Petra's
PapaSmurf - 3x D12SH-124UB Closed Corner & 3x D12SH-124UB Open Corner High Speed and 1x D12SM-124UB Medium Speed from SVC
PERSPOLIS - 1x LED 220mm D22SL-12H, 2x High Speed D12SH-12
pewpewlazer - 2x D12SL and 1x D14SL from Petra's, 2x D12SL Open Corner from Jab-Tech
piggywiggy - 1x undetermined from a blown up psu connected via USB to be portable
procpuarie - 1x in Corsair PSU
reaper~ - 3 x High Speed D12SH-12 from SVC
reberto - 6x High Speed D12SH-12 from Performance-PCs
Retrolock - 2x D12SH-12 High Speed
Richenbals - 2x D12SH-12 High Speed from Petra's
robbo2 - 3x High Speed D12SH-12 from PC Case Gear
ROM3000 - 1x D12SL-12 Low Speed from fanwholesale.com
RomalusIV - 2x D12SM Medium Speed from Jab-Tech
runeazn - 1x undetermined from a scrapped case
Saber_13 - 10x D12SH-124UB 120 High Speed UV Blue
sailerboy - 4x D12SH-12 - High Speed from Jab-Tech
SaltwaterCooled 5x 120 SH from Petra's, 6 120SH's from FrozenCPU, 2 140s
sandman64 - 2x Hi Speed D12SH-124B Blue LED from Jab-Tech
savagebunny - 3x Medium Speed D12SM-12 from Jab-Tech
Shadowclock - 3x LED High Speed
Sheyster 3 x SH 120mm (2 on the H70 and 1 as intake) & 2 x SM 140mm exhaust from JabTech
Shono - 2x D12SH-124UB High Speed UV Blue from Jab-Tech
shoot2scre - 3x High Speed D12SH-12 from Jab-Tech
Shooter116 - 4x Medium Speed from Petra's
ShortySmalls 5x 140mm LS Blue Led in Corsair 750TX and 3 MS on Radiator
skatingrocker17 - 1x D12SH-12F)
sLowEnd - One from dead PSU
smash_mouth01 - 1x in PSU
snelan - 3x High Speed 120's from PerformancePC
sosikwitit - 3x 120 Blue
spar - 2x High Speed from Freezing Hardware NL
Spart - 6x D12SH-12 from Performance-PC's and 5x D12SL-12 from eBay
spartacus - 4x 140mm Medium D14SM-12 from Petra's
Stillhouse 2 High Speed & 1 Medium Speed 120
sweffymo 1 OEM 92mm low speed, 2 Petra's 120mm mediums, and 1 Petra's 140mm Medium
T D - 4x D12SH-12 High Speed from chilledpc.co.uk
TaranScorp - 6-D12SH-12 and 1-D12SM in CM-690. 5 on a fan controller and 2 on molex
Tator_Tot - 8x D12SH-12 120 High Speed and 8x D14SM-12 140 Medium Speed from Petra's, and enough other assorted YL's to make a Hover Craft.
Tator Tot Box of 64 D12SH-12's & 2 D14SH-12's pulled from servers
tconroy135 3x120mm Green LED from FrozenCPU
The-Real-Link 6x 120mm Red LED @ 1650 RPM + 4x 140mm Red LED @ 1400 RPM from FrozenCPU
thumbhammer - 2x 140mm Low D14SL-12, 1x Blue Low Speed D12SL-12 from Petra's
tmunn - 3x Med Speed from Jab-Tech
tomclancey - 10x D12SH High Speed from Jab-Tech
tonschk - D14SM-12 140mm
trogalicious - 3x 140mm Medium D14SM-12, 5x Medium SpeedD12SM-12 from Jab-Tech.
ttoadd.nz - 3x Hi Speed 140 from PPC's and 10 Hi Speed 120's from JabTech
urgrandpasdog - 4x High Speed D12SH-12 from Petra's
Vermillion - 7x High Speed LED from Jab-Tech
vinzend - unspecified
v1ral - 7x High Speed
v1ral 6 High Speed 120s from Petra's
Volvo - 1x D80SM-12 from Enlight PSU
Volvo - 1x D12SH-12 and 2x D90BL-12 w/ red impellers
Werd - 2x 140 Medim Speed Green LED and 2x D14SH-12
wermad - 16x D12SM-12 and 2x D14SM-12
wixdfast - 5x D12SH-124UB Blue LED
XRogerX - 6x D12SM-124B Clear Blue LED High Speed from PerformancePCs
xToaDx - 7x Medium Speed D12SM-12 from Jab-Tech
xD3aDPooLx - 12x D12SH-12 High Speed from Koolertek
xD3aDPooLx - 10x D12SH-12 High Speed from Koolertek
XtremeCuztoms - 4x D14SM-12 Medium Speed and 1x D12SH-124UB from PerformancePCs
yakub0 2 120mm UV Blues from Jab-Tech

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I have 4 high speed D12SH-12's from Petras

1,899 Posts
For myself I have the following:
(2) 140mm medium speed
(8) 120mm medium speed

I've also used many for other builds that I've done for others.
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