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Here's a little tip and story for those reading, how it helps

So as many of you know, OnLive recently nixed their monthly fee, which means I made my way over there and downloaded it.

After playing with it for a while, I realized a few things.

1. The quality is sub par, you can't even go in and change the resolutions or even the video setting in most of the games.

2. The input lag is significant, around a second or so after I hit the button did my actions finally register.

3. I couldn't find a single game that worked with multiplayer.

With all these negatives, why on earth would I keep it?

For one simple and terrific reason.

It allows you to play any game on their catalog, the full versions mind you, even the ones that don't have demos, for 100% free for 30 minutes.


Granted, you won't be getting the greatest experience, but you will get a feel for the basic mechanics of the game and if you want to invest in it some more.

That alone is enough for me to keep it installed.

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I still for the life of me cannot fathom how onLive ever sounded like a good idea. I hate to be the naysayer and I would never wish for a business venture to tank, especially an original one that puts emphasis on PC gaming... but this service has one foot in the grave. Its just bizarre. The internet connection requirements alone make it terrible. Bad idea is bad. Cloud computing will happen, but cloud high-end gaming is still faaaar away.

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When did they get rid of the monthly fee? That was one of the dumbest ideas ever making you pay that fee for basically nothing when you still had to buy each game individually

Few days ago, pretty sure they're failing as a business.
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