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[The Oregonian]Portland OR first to get data usage meters from Comcast

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Title says it all.

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Meh, the 250gb cap from Comcast is nothing new...

It would monumentally suck on my home computer though, this past month alone I've probably downloaded 600gb of data.
It took Comcast this 11 months to create a tool for users to monitor bandwidth..... considering that Comcast already has the data on the backend...
Well of course, they can't nail you with charges if you can tell at a glance when you're going to exceed your bandwidth.
I built this pFsense router, I can program it to tell me my usage in time increments I assign to the rules. We play video games, stream music and movies, read email, Video conference, Xbox360 and a DVR Media Center. With all the activity on my LAN I have a monthly bandwidth usage of less than 20Gb.
Well, net usage is largely subjective.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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