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It's a pot shot OP, I always tell people that the only time you should get ready to bake a card is the moment right before you toss it in the trash. Even then don't expect to get anything out of it, just consider it a scientific endeavor to learn more about electronics.
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Well i used the oven trick to revive an old 6600gt agp 3 times. Why three times? Because after some time the video card would show artifacts again. Maybe i didn't do it right, but it didn't seem a permanent fix in my case. The last time a capacitor started leaking. The card worked for a while (after some careful cleaning) but showed artifacts again after some time. After that i didn't bother anymore.

Hope you can solve it with the bios flash.
I can't believe you just gave up and threw it away like that after the third bake... What a waste....
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