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the power of ATI HD 4670 on a budget system

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playing call of duty modern warfare 2 MAX with 2XAA at 1600x900 resolution on a 20" acer monitor

specs in my sig

im just really surprised that a 4670 can suffice for even the newest games at higher settings, i thought of going up to a 4870 and just overhauling my system but i guess i dont need too

will upload batman arkham asylum later
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thats awesome that such a lower card like your 4650 can still run the newest of games. my 4850 is great but at times i do believe its a little overkill
4670 lol i dunno its just surprising how good it can be, on such a budget system, i was thinking up upgrading during black friday but after Modern warfare 2 and batman arkham ayslum (got both a week ago) i decided to save money, i will demo left 4 dead 2 lol
The 4670 is all about value, I have mine underclocked and overclocked (AMD PowerPlay) with a modified BIOS. It uses less electricity (0.9V) in a 2D desktop environment when no video processing is needed, then the overclock kicks in when I play 3D games. It idles around 40-41C venting out of the case with stock cooling and ambient air temps around 27C.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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