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The Saboteur: buy or not?

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Should I buy the new game The Saboteur, I've read on a site that it is a good game, should I get it?
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The game is supposed to have some pretty bad bugs. Mainly freezing issues. I'd read through here before you decide.
It looks like a game I'd purchase if I saw it on sale, but probably not at full RRP.

It does look pretty good, but I can see it being quite repetative, quite repetative, quite repeta... okay, not funny.

There's a "Quick Look" over at GiantBomb.com, so take a look at that before you decide.
In the videos I saw the game looks pretty good, I hope it is not to graphic because I am not a fan of those games
Game is epic. I really dont even know what to talk about. It has some badass gameplay. It is like GTA in WWII Paris where you can do missions and/or blow random stuff up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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