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The Sims 2 Shutting down 0o

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Ok I finished building my wife her new computer and everything is running fine. The computer plays Crysis on Extreme settings without any lag or shutdowns. When she plays The Sims 2 for about an hour the game freezes then shuts down. After several days of scanning the web for others with this problem only thing I could find was to update a driver. Well aparantely it is not working; the game will still shutdown. If anyone has any idea on what could be causing this please let me know. And yes all drivers; ati graphics card, bios, and direct x , all up to date. Hopefully someone can help me out on this issue.
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Works fine for me on a quad core.

Yet it's a plausible reason.

Else is sims up to date that could possibly help (not sure if there are downloadable patches (normally they just update with the next expansion pack)),

if not try leaving a ticket on ea support,

normally they get back relatively soon (I have yet to have a bad experience with ea tech support (their games are a different matter)).
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