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Hello all,

I am done with college for 6 months and back to work full time with a raise! (17$ hour) , so that means I have money again.
I could have gone s939, but I decided to stick with s754 and build the ultimate 754 rig, one that can rival any s939!

So far I have:

CPU - AMD Mobile Newark 4000+ @ 2.6ghz 1.35v

Ram - 2x 512 G.skill FX series 2-2-2-5 TCCD

Mobo - Epox 8NPA N-Force 4 SLI

Case - Lian Li PC 61 Black with Biohazard window

HDD -80gig 7200 gig Hitatchi

Water Cooling gear

CPU water block - Apoggee
Pump - MCP 655
Reservior - Dual Bay UV Green
Tubing - 7' 1/2" ID 3/4" OD Clearflex
Radiator - Dual heatercore painted black
Fittings - UV Twist ties/hose clamps/elbows
Fan - Panflow 125 CFM
Danger Den fill port

I need:

Video card - Next gen. Nvidia vidio card (G80?)
PSU - Silverstone Zeus 650 Watt
Disc drive - NEC DVD burner (black)
sound card - X-Fi Extreme Music

I plan on drilling the holes in mounting the heatercore this weekend. I will then install the mobo, and get the w/c up to par. After that I just have to play the waiting game until I can get my hands on a new PCI-E video card, my x800xt is AGP. The other stuff I need can wait, I can use my current PSU, and cd burner. Wish me luck, I will keep you updated.

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Felt like modding today, so I started modding my Lian Li for the water cooling settup. I used a dremel to make 3 1 inch holes in the top, 2 for heatercore, 1 for fill port. A fiberglass blade was used to make a rough cut, then I used a couple sanding bits to get it nice and neat. I then conected the tubing from heatercore to the reservior, fill port to res, and from res to pump. I am gonna wait until I install my mobo to install the cpu tubing, it will be easier to measure. Final product looks like this:

Also a shot of the insde, you can get a pretty good idea of how the overall water cooling settup will look. The pump is attached with a twist tie.

And finally a pic in my messy room

All tubing and fittings were pressure tested, everything is nice and tight.
More to come!
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