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The waiting is the hardest part

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I decided to rebuild foldingfish with an 1156 i7 setup to boost my folding output. Going to try the bigadv flag on 8 cores...

I started buying bits and pieces as I had the money. Got my ABS Dark Beret 850W PSU (a beautiful beast btw). I grabbed an ASRock P55 Extreme so I can use my DD waterblock with 775 mounting. Picked up 8GB of Gskill 1600 Ripjaw RAM. All I needed was an i7 860. Bid on fleabay and picked one up for $240 shipped... Waited a week and figured it should arrive any day. Disassembled my q6600 rig and sold off the parts... It has been 4 days since I took my rig down and still no 860! It has been 2 weeks and it has not arrived... No response from the seller. I know it will get here soon, but the mailbox has become like a terrible Christmas experience every day. I come home from work, run to the box and find it full of ****e I don't really want. The only thing I hope to see there is not...

Tom Petty was right! The waiting is the hardest part.
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Aw man, that's painful for sure! I'm getting my i7 motherboard and RAM this week (I think), going to have to wait until I have enough money to get the processor. I say setup Folding Fish back and keep it folding until the new processor arrives!
I sold the processor and ram, still have the 780i and the TX650 in the for sale thread.
On thursday I ordered DDR3 RAM and 750HX to run stuff, according to UPS it was scanned as arriving in MY TOWN last night at like 11PM, I wish I could just go pick it up from UPS store but I"ll probably have to wait til monday for it to come to my house :-(

WAAAITING is the HARDEST PART!! - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers :)
At least it will pay off in the end. I wondered why you were selling parts for foldingfish. Nice to see its gonna be a ppd monster soon!
It'll be here before you now it and you'll have a monster. I want so how well bigadv works.

i've been thinking about messing around with an x3440 so that I can try out -bigadv, but then I'll need another 4gb as well.
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