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the whole saw sizes

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what are the sizes for an 120mm and 80mm fan hole saw bit?
please and thank you!
120mm= 4 1/2 inch hole saw blade
92mm= 3 1/2 inch hole saw blade
80mm= 3 inch hole saw blade
hope this is useful!
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seven views, but no replies??
I wish I knew, I am waiting for the replies myself
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LOL, I'll go find out, and edit my post
for a 120mm I used a 4 1/2" hole saw, for the 80mm I used a 3: hole saw

You can go to google
type in:
convert 120mm to inches
convert 80mm to inches

this will give you your answer
yeah a 120mm (~4.7")hole is the size of a CD/DVD , if you need something handy to trace
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Just get the compass tool for dremell's it is great for cutting holes.http://www.dremel.com/en-us/attachme...=69679&I=69820
o_O doesn't the hole saw have the diameter in mm right next to the inch-diameter? at least the ones in the nearby Lowes and Home Depot do
4 and 1/2 is not the size to use. You will make a hole that is slightly too small and make noise from the fan blades cavitation against the lip.

I use 4 3/4" and I use a rubber c channel. This makes the quietest/neatest hole in a side panel or top panel.
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