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There a such thing as a fast SOCKS5 server?

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I've ran my own in the past, but now I live in a very ISP limited area and running any servers at home is not an option anymore.

So I went looking for free ones...and by all that is holy to anyone they are all slow; like 10kbs slow. Any one know one that has a little faster speeds?

I would even consider one with a monthly fee as long as it isn't out rageous. Heh, all I want to do is play Legends of Norrath at work
Heh...I sit around A LOT and we are all free to play any internet game we choose, but the ports for LoN are blocked and I am sure only by accident. The network security is really a joke around this place. So I would not even be violating company policy. So there is nothing illeagal going on here.

I got a free one going right now and it will be finished updating the game in four hours and it is a rather small game. So I don't know if it will be able to actually run the game. I don't need anything for illeagal downloading or anything like that...I don't play that game. Even 56K speeds would be plenty I think.
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Why don't you just ask the security department to unblock the ports?
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