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Theres something about Far-cry

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I don't know about you, but theres something about Far-cry. When i Over clock a card i play Far-cry to test it out, When i get a new rig up i test it with Far-cry. Theres something about that game. Maybe its that a cheap computer can play it and you'll still look in awe, and a high-end rig can try it out and you wont be disappointed with what you see. Crysis is almost out and i still can't stop myself from playing it after 3 years.

So... Thanks to Far-cry
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FarCry is a hall of fame worthy game.
farCry will never fade with time and will forever remain in my little box of classics
FarCry is a beautiful game..

Makes me feel like I'm on vacation
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Originally Posted by JacKz5o
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FarCry is a beautiful game..

Makes me feel like I'm on vacation

yea, me too, i love the bright and sun-shiny gameworld....and being able to see entry wounds in the enemies.
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I should try this 'far cry' you speak of.
Far Cry's world detail is spectacular for when it was made.... BUT the detail and textures on the weapons are not so great.
the visuals are faultless for its time. i just wish the AI was a little more realistic. and the sound channels were better.
Actually I remember the AI being really good for its time.

Now that I'm playing the game again the one thing I really don't like is the way the water has this unrealistic ripply effect.

Doesn't stop me from loving the game!
Far Cry gives me the creeps in the later levels.
I need to make space on my HDs for Far Cry... Now to see what to uninstall.
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