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Thermal Paste?

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Net weight 1.5g
Color grey
Thermal Conductivity >4.5 W/m-K
Thermal Impedance <0.205°C-in2/W
Operation Temperture -50 ~ 240°C
Silicone Compounds 50%
Carbon Compounds 30%
Metal Oxide Compounds 20%

this is the specification of TITAN Nano grease thermal compound. on the back of the packet it shows little diagrams of how good it gets rid of the heat.

my question is, what is better, this titan compound or the thermal paste you get with the zerotherm NV120 Primium.

please do not reccomend any other thermal paste on this thread, i just need to know what to use out of the two, i cant afford new thermal paste at this time. the thermal paste will be used the cooler written above. please dont comment on the cooler unless its good lol. only joking, thanks for the help.
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It's hard to tell as there are limited reviews on either compounds.
well zerotherm is more heard of then titan right? what do you think, opinions?
Zerotherm is more well-known but not for its thermal paste (which they do make), but more for their cooling products. We do not know what thermal paste that is used in most coolers nor do we know how well it is until we actually test it.

But what I do know based on research is that Titan's thermal grease is garbage and sometimes can be worse compared to stock materials. You're probably better off using the included thermal paste until you can afford Arctic Silver 5 or another well-made paste.

Here is a review for the Titan Blue grease but does include a table of well-known pastes including Arctic Silver 5 and Titan's Silver paste. link

Not sure what type of TITAN grease you are using but I managed to dig up this article. While I don't agree with how much paste he placed on his cpus in the pics this may offer you some insight to the Titan brand....

Titan review

Here is something on zerotherm...not sure what is shipped with your cooler though....

Zerotherm review

More comprehensive review

You may want to ask the seller what type of paste is in the box....does it have a number or product ID on it?

Good Luck...

PS....I have a funny feeling that the Zerotherm product will serve you better
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thanks for the link, looks like i will use stock thermal lol.
thanks once again guttboy, how can i add you on my friends list? do you want to be my friend? hell i sound like a child lol. i mean it all in a manly way lol.

I sent you a "friend" request...you can see it under your "User CP" area! Glad I can help you out on your rig!
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user CP, got it, i will take a look. nice one pal, thanks.
I would try both out for a few days each, and see which one gives you better temps.
good idea, cheers.
zt-100 i think. (the thermal zerotherm paste)
As you can see, the results are very similar and too close to declare a clear winner here. I frankly was hoping for a more convincing result, and re-ran the testing with a thicker application of the ZT-100 product. The results were essentially the same, so I think the first application technique is the best. What the results do show is that there is a new rival for the top spot in the thermal paste world and the ZEROtherm ZT-100 is an excellent choice for its intended use.
zt-100 full load 51 degrees
ac5 52 degrees
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