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I was reading about a tear-down of the Xbox Series X and it looks like thermal putty is used on the new Xbox Series X builds and the Xbox One for the VRAM instead of thermal pads.

In the comments people talked about possible replacements for the thermal putty used in the Xbox Series X and Xbox One:

"Okay so after looking, the closest thing I could find to the blue or green stuff is TG-PP-10 from t-Global on DigiKey. It’s 10 W/mK, so probably a good bit better than the blue or green stuff which is usually 1-6 W/mK. IIRC other manufacturers of this stuff are Bergquist (now Laird?), Henkel, Dow Corning, but t-Global sells the most reasonably priced one for small quantities at just 28$ USD for 50 grams."

The thermal resistance of thermal putty doesn't look as good as you can get with the best thermal pads, but there are variants better than the Phobya 5W/mK thermal tape I bought and it looks a lot easier to apply.

So would it be possible to replace thermal pads with thermal putty? Maybe there's some sort of upper limit on the maximum gap it can fill?

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@wuttman Just got the TG-PP10 in the mail. It's similar in consistency to modelling clay, dense and relatively soft but not gooey. It's not oily like K5 Pro either. Has a dry feel to it.

I'll make a post when I've got it applied to my lab rat 1060. I've got some data points recorded so I can tell if it increases the max mem OC potential. Also planning to "lap" the cooler and die for shtits and gigs.
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