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Thermaltake case carrying harness *Winner chosen*

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So here's the thing. I have an antec 1200 case. I will never carry this beautiful but hella heavy thing to any lan party. Not to mention, I'm old and really dont go to them anyway. So instead of letting this sit in a box until I finally throw it out in 10 years, I will give it away.

It works great, securely holds a case, and is comfortable to use.

either 100 posts
or 15 rep
winner pays ship

Good luck!

WInner is Rewindlabs!
Pm has been sent.
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Why not, ill give it a go.
I don't have the rep but I could really use one of these.
Tagurtoast Is in.
Wow that is awesome. In!

Originally Posted by SharpShoot3r07 View Post
I don't have the rep but I could really use one of these.
you are in man
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Where are you?

Originally Posted by Idiot View Post
Where are you?
Minnesota USA
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Just started going to parties and this would help me out a lot
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I wish there were some LAN parties on Long Island. I'd love to go to some.
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I... I didn't even know those existed...
Def would use this all the time

Lithgroth007 is in
If this is still going, I'm in!
Hmm I might be able to swing shipping on this I'm in!
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