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Thermaltake Duorb (Cpu Cooler) Owners Post Your Pics !!

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Anyone out there with duorb on cpu ? Post your pics...Here is mine...Not a very good quality pic so sorry but Antec 1200 is on the way and will post better ones with better cable management then..

Post yours too...This is one of the coolest looking cpu cooler ever imo...

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Wow, still nobody, lol...I guess I am the only one with this cpu cooler lol
it works great actually but will be better in Antec 1200...This one is midi tower thermaltake tsunami case with horrible cable management.

Can't say much about idle temps they are like 21C 28C 29C 34C. But last three values never changes when idle only underload they change so there is a high chance that they are stuck. First one moves between 21C 23C idle both with 1.34v and 1.24v vcore.

When underload by prime 95 temps never go above 55C with 1.24 vcore and 62C with 1.34 vcore. When IBT is running highest they reach with 1.24 vcore is 60C and with 1.34 vcore 66C. But IBT is temp crazy app anyways. So I must say results are pretty good for air cooling and I am pretty happy with. Looking forward to recieve my Antec 1200 and will move everthing to Antec with better cable management so maybe will have better results then...
Ok I am pretty sure I am the only one here with duorb lol...Really nobody ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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