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Thermaltake Element G Questions

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I'm looking at the Thermaltake Element G as a case to build in, and I have a few quick questions:

1.) Can I replace the stock fans with 120mm fans or 140mm fans?
2.) How much PCIe room does it have?
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The front intake can be replaced with 2x120mm fans. I don't think the other fans can be replaced but I'm not sure.

The PCIe length can be up to 10.5"
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Don't mean to bump this thread but I can answer your questions.

You can replace the rear 140mm fan as well as the top fan. All you have to do is pop the top part of the chassis and you'll see that all the fans have a 3-pin lead connected to the fan controller.

Just disconnect the particular fan you want to remove and then gently pop the plastic top back onto the case.

Also the case can easily fit a 5970 if you remove the 3.5" HDD bay.
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It's a well welcomed old bump.

I'm most likely going HD5870 at longest. So no worries about the HDD cage.

As for the top, can you replace that top fan with 120mm or 140mm fans?
There are no screw holes for 120 or 140mm fans.

I'm sure you could get some screws and large washers and somehow match up the fan with the mesh holes.
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you can put two 60 mm fans in the back two 140s with brackets (they include these in the box ) i have this case and like it
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