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thermaltake toughpower 1200 question

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hello i have the toughpower 1200 psu i'm gonna be sleeving it but the problem is one of my 6pin pcie cables is using a 8 to 6 pin converter its the only way to use four 6pins for my vid cards.

now for me to sleeve it and look clean i need to remove the converter the 8 pin cable has 3 12v cables and 5 grounds. 6 pin has 3 12v and 3 grounds.

now can icompletely remove the 2 extra grounds and put a 6 pin housing on the video card end or do i NEED those 2 xtra grounds from the 8 pin?
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Actually I believe the 6-pin is two +12V, three ground, and one null, and the 8-pin is three +12V and five ground.

Of course there's nothing stopping you from taking the 8-pin head off and putting the relevant wires into the 6-pin... Just don't screw up or your graphics card might fry.
Originally the 6-pin PCIe was supposed to come with two 12V and three ground. But I have yet to see one that did not come with three 12V. The 8-pin has three 12V, four ground and a 12V sense. This 12V sense seems to be optional and many times it is just a ground. But either way I don't see why it wouldn't work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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