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Think an SSD or Raptor is fast?

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I saw one of these at SIGGRAPH a few months ago, and I think it puts all y'all with RAID0 of VelociRaptors and SSDs to shame.


450GB SSD on a PCIe x4 card. 700MB/s of sustained throughput, and the data goes straight through the northbridge to the processor, rather than having to travel through a slow SATA interface and the southbridge. It's probably the lowest latency drive I know of.

Downside? Price. It was noisy in the convention hall, and I couldn't really hear... He either said fifteen hundred or fifteen thousand. I'm not sure. They don't list a price, you have to actually call and dicker with a sales rep. Regardless, if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it. And really, if you aren't a SysAdmin in charge of mission critical servers with need for low-latency data transfer, you probably don't need it.
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possible to RAID0?
Yes, according to the data sheet.
Yeah, but their RAM based storage is even faster. 4.5GB/s substained... 600K IOPs.


These are high-end specialized storage systems for enterprises.
You can't boot off of them.

Originally Posted by Twinnuke
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You can't boot off of them.

Why would you want to?

This is not designed for OS use, but to hold DBs. If it was required to be bootable they would have added a boot ROM by now.
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