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I currently have a HW Labs 360 GTS w/ 3x XSPC fans top) and a 240 swiftech rad (front) w/ 3 no-name RGB fans. I was wanted to add some more RGB, but on the digital side of things. Both are currently set to intake. I am thinking of doing the following:

1) 3x HD120 Pack
2) Lighting Node PRO Pro

Swap 240 and 360 Rads, 360 would have its fittings on top. This would make the res the absolute lowest point again.
Put 2x RGB front fans on top 240 and 3rd one as an exhaust fan
Put 3x HD120 fans on front

This way I have all RGB fans, minus PSU and the front fans will be much brighter as the tint is effecting the 4 leds vs the 12leds of the hd120. My major concern is blocking part of the front PSU shroud, that is normally used to hold 2x 3.5" HDD would block some of the radiator, all be it not much. I want to add some more visuals to it. The front part of the PSU shroud is attached to the PSU shroud on the top, one side has nothing holding it, and the other two sides are held in place by rivets. I could drill out the rivets and bend it back, if that is worth it. Aagain I think it is there to hold the disk trays in place, though I don't have a 2.5" SSD, let alone a 3.5".

Moving the 240 up top would also allow me to offset the radiator towards the middle so I don't need as many elbows.

I am also thinking of adding a couple of smaller LCDs inside the system. One on the back side of the case as it is a tempered glass panel that is barren as well as one smaller one on the front with system details such as temps, etc. I don't have a USB Type-C connector on my case, though I have a header on the motherboard. I was thinking of using a header to USB Type-C, then connecting a type-c w/ a video ports and USB 3.0 ports to supply video inside, so I don't have to do any weird routing outside of the case. I have a couple of older laptops laying around I can get a board that will allow to reuse the screens for other purposes.

Lastly I wonder how a 6+8 PCIx Power cables would look coming out the bottom. What do you guys think?


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