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Hey all<br>
Next week im gonna be grabbing some more bits for my pc, as many of you have seen im getting an LCD.<br>
Anyway, im running low on disk space at the moment as i only have a measly 200GB. Anyway ive got about £60 left to spend on harddrive(s). I only need about another 150-200Gb diskspace, so i was thinking of getting 2 x 80GB drives (maybe a little larger) and setting them as RAID0. My main problem is, i would like to install XP again on my new raided drives but ive lost the little disk packet as i bought XP as OEM which is really annoying. So im planning to Throw in a raid and leave my system setup as it is, so basically a 200gb with the OS etc and 2 x 80gb/120gb drives at raid0 for games etc.<br><br>
What do you think? I know at 80gb-200gb i can only buy 8mb cache drives, will this have a large impact on performance?<br><br>
The drives ive been looking at are: <a href="http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/94405/rb/22454339890" target="_blank">http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/94405/rb/22454339890</a><br>
so i would get 240gb for £80 ($140), what do you think?<br><br>
Ive never setup a RAID stripe before either, so some tips or advice would definately be appreciated.<br><br>
Thanks alot<br>
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