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Thinking of something different

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I know this has been tried before, but its a little different as far as insulating is concerned. I want to dip my board only into some mineral oil, but I have a few questions.

You happen to know what cleans this stuff off after use?
Is any insulation required at all? Like even around the base of the pot?

On another thought, its really, REALLY going to suck to clean off connectors and ram. =o\\ but it should be awesome for the LuLZ.
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I've been waiting for someone to try this lol! spec please do it and post pictures mineral oil is awesome.. use a huge ass aquarium for the case.
Yeah, check out the abomination over on XS. It was pretty kick ass. I was actually at the show when they used it.
Couple small issues to go over first.
Heat won't move.
Any heat you have in your motherboard, VRM's, Mosfets, Ram, NB, it all needs cooling in some way otherwise convection will not be enough.
You also have to worry about condensation in a different sense. If the coil gets cold, well, condensation will occur and water will mix with the oil. You still need to seal it somewhat, or expect issues later.

Honestly insulation is not that hard.
yeah its insulated now. just was looking for a different approach.
Yeah that mineral oil will heat up pretty fast. Put a couple of copper tubes in it full of dry ice. Then get a couple of cheap submersible pumps to circulate the oil around in your container, point them at the ice tubes. You can get little Via Aqua submersibles like the VA302, it's a 6W pump, for $8-10 on eBay, or a local pet store probably. There around 120GPH pumps, they will be dumping heat into it also, but not much. Might be better off with the VA301, it's 4W I think, with a 80GPH, less heat dump and it would still move a lot of oil around. I guess they will pump oil OK, might not last that long but there cheap.

I guess you could clean a lot of it off with canned Acetone, the quart cans like from a hardware store. It gets di-electric and Vaseline off mine pretty well, I've never soaked a whole mobo in it before though. It would dissolve the TIM on your ram if you left heat spreaders on them I would imagine.

Try it on a old crap mob and see how it does, it would be something different at least...
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And make sure you spray down the entire mobo first, dust will be conductive when mixed with oil.
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