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This caught my attention...

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I was just on the internet looking at stuff...
Then I found this:

I like that extra fan he added up there.
This made me chuckle
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Hilarious! Great find.
that is just awesome
Very old but cool.

I would suggest the new Intel Atom CPU for this. I just bought one. AMAZING!
Very cool. i think people would buy these from him as basic internet surfing pc's just for the massive cool factor.
Yeah, but can it play Crysis?

Originally Posted by Blueboony
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Yeah, but can it play Crysis?


Too bad it`s Ballantines though. Should be Bowmore.
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I love that. I want one. The perfect home server.
Awsome after I read this I though, "pickle jar, mineral oil and zombiefied PC"
He shoulda' tried to put the parts in without cutting the bottle.
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Sheer brilliance.
awesome mod
this thread should be in general or worklogs section tho, I think

edit: or maybe not
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