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This guy's first build and overclock!

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Alright, I finally got off of my my but and bought the parts to my system. I am a noob so any tips or advice would be great (do have a decent understanding of how everything works, however).

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 3.61 (highest temp running P95 is around 66C)
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
OCZ Gold 4x2GB DDR2 800 @ 850 5-5-5-15
Antec Signature SG850 Power Supply
Zalman CNPS9500 w/ Arctic Silver 5
XFX GeForce GTX285
WD 300GB VelociRaptor
2x WD 1TB Caviar Black
Creative X-Fi Titanium
Coolermaster HAF
Windows Vista 64bit

I was surprised at how easily everything went together. Putting the CPU fan on was the worst part, I thought I was going to break it for sure. Pushed the power button and tadda, everything was good to go on the first try. I was hoping to get some suggestions on my overclocking and get input as to how high I'll be able to take it based on what I have so far. I was hoping for 3.8GHz which would put my ram at 890MHz. Which brings me to: what is the highest this ram should go?

Thanks guys.
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Also, I know everybody keeps mentioning getting a "better cooler" but what about the possibility of a bad seating or AS5 spread? Maybe try a re-do on that if the temps are still too high after checking with CoreTemp to get more accurate numbers.
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