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This new 22" monitor I got has a USB Type B connector?

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Not sure what it's for, if anyone could clarify that'd be great. The "user guide" consisted of nothing more than pictures of how to set it up on the stand and how to connect the cables. One thing it did come with though is a USB Type B to USB 2.0 cable that it shows to hook up to the monitor to your PC. The monitor has a free USB 2.0 port so could it be that it's powering the usb 2.0?

Thanks. The monitor in question is AOC 2236Vw
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Yup. If you don't want to connect the cable, you won't have access to that USB slot on your screen.
The usb connection is most likely to an onboard USB controller, just like you assumed.
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are there regular usb connectors on the monitor too? Im thinkin that b type is what extends the usb from the computer to the usb connectors on the monitor.
its the square looking usb, like you see for printers
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