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This Should Work Right?

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I currently am having trouble with connectivity between my Asus PCE N-13 network card and my Modem/Router combo, a Netcomm 3G25W-R. After a few minutes of internet/network connection the Asus card drops the network and causes everything to lose connectivity.

After thinking about it I figured that I can turn off the wireless portion of my modem/router combo, hook up a D-Link Wireless router that I have laying around to the modem and just not use the wireless hub capability of my modem, the thing that my network card seems to be having trouble with.

The Asus card worked last night when I lugged my computer to my parents house and logged onto their wireless network for a couple hours and it'll do the same today... I gotta download all my Steam games and they have unlimited bandwidth, I only get 10 gigs a month
(lol 10 bucks per Gig after 10)

I'm guessing that it's at least worth a try, because my current set up with a Cat-5 cable running down the hall, across the kitchen, and into the living room will not do once my wife gets home

Anyone know if this will/won't work or have any advice to give in this regard
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Sure, with a few steps:
  • Assign a static IP to router 2 in the same LAN subnet as router 1
  • Ensure DHCP range on router 1 is outside of statically assigned addresses
  • Disable DHCP on router 2
  • Connect devices using LAN ports
  • Provision your wireless settings/security on router 2
  • Disable wireless on router 1
Hey, thanks for the reply, I'll be trying this as soon as I'm home tonight. I'm not sure how to accomplish all that you've suggested but I'll wade my way through it I'm sure. Again, my network card has been running strong now away from my home network for a few hours so it's certain that my modem/router combo just isn't playing nice with the card. Lol, why does everything always gotta require so much work!

One thing though. Wouldn't using my LAN ports on my router require me to run cables to my devices? I'm trying to get away from the cables altogether. I just figured that I'd be hard wiring the D-Link router to the Modem and that was it (configuring involved of course)
^ Log into your router and do what he said

1. To assign static IP for the Router, set the router IP to static >>> and then if the modem is, set the router to 192.168.1.x
2. to find out what x is, figure out the DHCP range of the modem. EX: if the maximum devices connected is something like 15, it should go to 16. set the router to .17 in that case
3,Turn off the DHCP on router 2 in the LAN settings.
4. I believe beers is saying to connect everything the LAN ports
5. set up wireless on your second router
6. turn off wireless on the first router
Originally Posted by Thedark1337;14157585
4. I believe beers is saying to connect everything the LAN ports
Connect the routers together using the LAN ports. If you go from LAN port on router 1 to WAN/Internet port on router 2 you will

1) Not be in the same subnet
2) Implement PAT/NAT Overload between WAN and LAN interfaces. This will cause problems with file sharing over LAN and may have issues with games since you will have double NAT.

Auto MDI/MDIX should alleviate the requirement for a crossover cable.
^ Ah thats what you were trying to say.
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Okay then! Well thanks a ton guys that'll give me a project for the evening and I'm sure it'll work out just fine. Not sure why the 2 can't get along but oh well, it'll be a chance to learn some good stuff. I'll post up with either my success story or my "OMG WUT NAO??" questions later tonight

Cheers! Tron
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Ok, haven't got my computer hooked up to the network yet, but it's up and running at the moment. I'll keep you posted!
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Quad-band HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTS, Quad-band GSM/EDGE <--- mobile broadband

HSPA->3G =Connection loss
3G -> HSPA = Connection loss
Yeah Spooony, I'm running a HSPA "Mobile" hub. It's the best thing I've got where I live sadly, so it's either this or dial up (or satellite and that's a joke), and I'll take a 3G connection over dial up any day!

It's working just fine now that I have the mobile hub working as a modem only and my D-Link router is handling the wireless connectivity. Speed really isn't that bad on the 3G hub here to be honest, only drawback is a bit higher ping but even with the higher ping (60ms vs about 20ms for DSL in the area on Speedtest.net) I'm still able to play TF2 or BC2 with about 100ms latency.

Thanks for the tutorial guys, it's holding up so I'm pretty sure this will be alright!
your welcome
OCN is the best place for help
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