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This strange wireless network.

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Ok I have my backup laptop with my and I am currently out of town and need it to get onto the web but it is being iffy with me. First of all every other devive with a wifi compatablilty in it such as my psp, ds, and friends laptop can see some linksys network that for some stupid reason my laptop cant see, although it is rather weak so maybe its just the card being a bad reciever. The card is an airlink and I just use the normal windows wireless network finder thing. The network I am intentionaly trying to connect to named 1065net and I have the WEP password correct and all the settings seem to be in line but I get the limited or no connectivity warning and it not recieving packets, but has full or near full reception.

Can you help me at all so I can connect?
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How do you know that it is the correct WEP key? Also, maybe your card doesn't support whatever type of wireless it is (A,B,G, Draf N)
Yea I got the key and its b and my card does both b and g.
It could be that your particular card doesn't support the type of encryption the wifi host is using. Also if you are using a pcmia card most of them tend to be a little on the weak side, especially the airnet line of products.
try manually setting the IP. Limited or no connectivity can mean several things... one of which is it's just not able to get an IP from the router.
I want to set the ip myself but I dont know how.
Maybe the router has MAC filters enabled. <- = your screwed unless you reset the router settings, without it...or enable your MAC on the allowed list.
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