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Originally Posted by nhc511 View Post

Same problem , MX100, after clone from 840 , use Macrium Reflect.
First time, after clone disk: HDtune-bad;
I backup data to a HDD, then delete SDD's partition, HDTune still bad;
Quick format SDD : HDtune line is perfect like origin
Clone disk from HDD to SDD using Acronis True Image, HDTune line is "bad" again
I dont think its related to 840, cause the different of "good" and "bad" HDTune's line is not much as in 840:
- Speed never drop under 200MB/s ( 840 is under 60MB/s)
- CrystalDiskmark and ASSSD score lower by 1% (which is normaly between "new" and "contain data" SSD)
just wonder any one else got this happen? Is there any different result between Clone disk and Install fresh Windows?
shouldnt be much difference between cloning and a fresh install.
ssd runs so fast even when used a long time.
I suspect the controller on the ssd or the sata port controller on the motherboard.
The slow down on the 840 evo has been due to the firmware wasnt updating the change of flash voltage drift.
the samsung restoration tool restore the drive and update its firmware at the same time.
It also might be highly possible other manufactures ssd has similiar issues.

Normally I never run benchmarks with my drive.
This is mine today, 128gb Crucial M4 its 4 years old in daily use and has 16gb free of space.

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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