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Same problem , MX100, after clone from 840 , use Macrium Reflect.
First time, after clone disk: HDtune-bad;
I backup data to a HDD, then delete SDD's partition, HDTune still bad;
Quick format SDD : HDtune line is perfect like origin
Clone disk from HDD to SDD using Acronis True Image, HDTune line is "bad" again
I dont think its related to 840, cause the different of "good" and "bad" HDTune's line is not much as in 840:
- Speed never drop under 200MB/s ( 840 is under 60MB/s)
- CrystalDiskmark and ASSSD score lower by 1% (which is normaly between "new" and "contain data" SSD)
just wonder any one else got this happen? Is there any different result between Clone disk and Install fresh Windows?
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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