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Case Color: WHITE 6-7 weeks for processing
Form Factor: HPTX (10.00)
Orientation: Standard
Left Door: XXL Window CLEAR (30.00)
Right Door: XXL Window CLEAR (30.00)
Power and Reset Switch: Standard Power/Reset Switches with Sleeved Cables
I/O Panel: USB 3.0/HD Audio (30.00)
Flex-Bay Configuration Left Side: 120.3 (360) Mount with Solid Bay Covers (25.00)
Flex-Bay Configuration Right Side: 120.3 (360) Mount with Solid Bay Covers (25.00)
Choose Included Top/Bottom Raditor Mounts: Two 120.4 (480) Mounts
Add more 120.4 (480) Top/Bottom Mounts? Add 2 120.4 (480) Mounts ($58.00)
Add more 140.4 (560) Top/Bottom Mounts? Add 2 more 140.4 (560) Mounts ($58.00)
Upgrade the Reservoir Mounting Plate (XL-ATX ONLY)? No Thanks
Add extra Flex-Bay HDD Cages (MAC-102)? No Thanks

This is the specs I would choose if I ordered this case.

I only will use fans not radiators in it.

The questions I have will I be able to put

4 5.25 bays on left side and
3 5.25 bays on the right side of this case?
or would I have to put all 7 devices on right side?

Will I have enough clearance with 8 mm devices in those bays with HPTX tray?

Thanks I had to ask
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