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Originally Posted by Lxcivic2k1
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I'll take the one from newegg for $165 + $7 shipping - $15 MIR = $157 I don't get the whole CB thing.

Sapphire 4870 1GB (same card) is $199 with $10 MIR

Rhystic CB= Micro$oft Cashback
You buy anything on Ebay using paypal and Buyitnow and M$ gives you a % of your money back!
The % varies all the time and can be as low as 0% or up to 35% (<----highest I've seen- rumors of a 40% float around though)
Maximum cash back from one purchase = $200 and IIRC 12 purchases from a single Ebay/paypal account!
[edit]OCN's Original M$ Cashback thread
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