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TIM pads for EK blocks

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Since I RMA'd my 5970 and had to take the EK block off, the TIM pads for the vmemory and voltage pieces got all messed up. Could someone link where I can buy the same pads or if theres anything better to buy link that instead?

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those should work and you get differt sizes.
Sweet. thank you
Are there different performing pads that do a better job?
Not sure if its me, but the plastic peel off on the EK compounds was a pain to get off
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tell me about it my ek was a pain to put those pads on i bet i spent more time on that then any thing else. I found some ek branded pads also.

They also do them over at Chilled PC (they ship worldwide, I think), that's where I got mine. They are always low on stock of them, though.

I used the EK Brand 1mm pads, and a random 0.5mm one from eBay (I think that's the measurements, can't be sure off the top of my head). Worked out great, the difference would be minimal, if at all.
Okay, thanks you two. Ill probably buy the koolance ones. HAve some for future use too. I didnt take the time initially to check if the pads made contact everywhere, and noticed that some didnt have any indentions on the pads. Ill be doubling up in some places.
lol yea its a pain i took my heatkiller 5970 block apart 20+ times till i finaly figured out the gpu2 vrms arent really even cooled and thats why they run hotter.
HAH, ill do a better job paying attention do that when I get a card back from RMA
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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