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My Toshiba Satellite X205-S9349 used to give me a weird effect, like making text shadows and filling black colors with green vertical lines, only when I maxed out the screen opening angle. I'd just open it to about 90º or a little more, and everything was fine. Just now, I tried turning on the laptop, and the POST screen was green with white text instead of black. I tried tilting the screen down, and only when I got it almost shut did I get rid of the issue.

I guess replacing the screen would be the way to solve the problem if it's in the wiring, but I'd like to know before I buy the screen and take apart the laptop if I do actually have a chance to fix things. Is this a common problem easily fixed by replacing the screen?

Also, the -S9359 model has a 1680x1050 screen resolution, so could I order a replacement for it to upgrade, or would I have to get more? And I think there was a Gateway laptop whose screen is interchangeable and can do 1920x1200...

I recently upgraded this laptop to an SSD and a 1TB drive, and I was just about to update the BIOS to go to 8GB of DDR2 and a T9500. Please let me keep hoping by letting me know how to fix my screen issue. Thanks!
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