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so i am looking for a new monitor for my new build and i cant decide what to do for monitor

i have a 100 dollar gift card for dell that i need to spend before march.

i mainly game, watch a ton of movies and do a lot of photo editing with photoshop, very occasional video editing.

is the difference noticeable?

is it worth it to get something 3 inches smaller ?

are there other monitors just as good for ?
-price including 100 giftcard?
- looking for monitor in size range of 22-24inches

229.99 for pro after gc 129.99

259.99 for ultra after gc 159.99

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Originally Posted by kevinsbane View Post

Go for the U2312hm in that case. The Pro 24" is not as good as the Ultrasharp series.
as the only responder. i went ahead an got the 23inch =l i hope that the 23 isnt worse than the 21.. or else ill be disappointed =l sigh.
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